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Barefoot sneakers, WTF?

Think with us: the feet function as the base of our body, providing support, balance and generating movement. Over millions of years, its evolution was in direct contact with the ground, barefoot. They were design for it.


Conventional shoes do not follow this logic. They have a thick, stiff sole with a raised heel and are unnaturally pointy towards the toes. Wearing such shoes on a day-to-day basis can lead to bad posture and feet deformities, impacting and harming the entire body.


At Plana, we designed our sneakers respecting your foot shape and function so you can use your feet in the most natural way possible.


By respecting the nature of the body, our barefoot sneakers provide more freedom of movement, more feeling, better impact absorption and the ability to generate more movement and strength. They give you the feeling of walking barefoot while still protecting your feet.


Plana sneakers have a minimalist construction, without interfering in the essential functions of the feet, allowing them to be as they are: perfect.


1 - Wider

A wider toe box allows more space for the toes to expand and move freely, avoiding deformations. The area of contact with the ground increases, which results in more balance for the body, better weight distribution and more stability. A bigger toe box is freedom for the feet!


2 - Zero Drop

The sole is zero drop, with the heel and forefoot at the same level. The joints remain in their natural position, improving impact absorption and force generation. Simple is natural. 


3 - Thin Sole

Feel the ground. Our sole is only 4mm thick, stimulating the soles of the feet and their nerve endings. So you have more feeling, better input to the nervous system, more freedom and strength.


4 - Light and Flexible

It’s very light and flexible! It weights less than 400g (15 oz) per pair. Hence, everything moves better and the more than 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles of the foot are activated and used as nature created.