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About Us

We believe in the power of connection, design and movement.

We are a generation that follows its own path, questioning the way of doing things, of living, connecting, building the future we believe in, and transforming our principles into creations for the future generations. We chose to live authentically.

Wearing a Plana barefoot sneaker is like getting in touch with the world, feeling it as if you were barefoot, discovering that you can go anywhere, even if no one has gotten there yet.



Connection: we want to feel more. We want to know who we are and where we are going. Connecting with our body, with what is natural, with the people we meet along the way are what we live for.

Design and innovation: the obvious is boring. Art inspires. Bringing functionality and inspiration to the world means asking more from ourselves.

Movement: our body is perfect from head to toe. And powerful to take us wherever we want. When we think this way, we can reach our body's full potential - alongside with our mind and heart.

We are Plana, the new generation of sneakers!